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  We provide all type marine               documents to seafarers today i want to share some real fact about indian cdc             Contact us by:-  About:- APPLY INDIAN CDC / COC / WATCHKEEPING / SEAMAN BOOK Documents required for application for fresher candidates: » Scan Copy of Passport » 5 Mandatory basic STCW 2010 courses (EFA/FPFF/PST/PSSR/STSDSD) » 1 passport size photograph » Medical done by D.G Shipping approved doctor (not more than 6 months old) Documents required for application for Experienced candidates: » Scan Copy of Passport » 4 Mandatory basic STCW (EFA/FPFF/PST & PSSR) » 2 passport size photographs »2 Seaman Book copy with valid 6-9 months sea service stamp » Medical done by D.G Shipping approved doctor (not more than 6 months old)                

How to fill indian cdc application form

 Merchant Navy NOTE :- we assist to seaman for give them all type cdc or other flag cdc or document  We have all types document solution  A blog specially created for seafarers working onboard Merchant Naval ships and for those seeking a career in Merchant Navy. SUNDAY 23/MAY/2021 ALL YOU WANT TO KNOW ABOUT CDC What is a C.D.C and how do I get it ? “C.D.C” means a Continuous Discharge Certificate-cum-Seafarer’s Identity Document. Any person who fulfills all the eligibility conditions as specified in rules 4 and 5 of these rules, for the issue of a CDC, may apply to the shipping master at Nau Bhavan, 10, R.K. Marg, Ballard Estate, Mumbai-400001 or The shipping master, Shipping Office, Marine House, Hastings, Calcutta - 700 022 or shipping master, Mercantile Marine Department, Anchorgate Building, 2nd floor, P.B.No.5004, Rajaji Salai, chennai-600001, by registered post. Every application shall be accompanied by two copies of the applicant’s recent photograph, copies of relevant certifica

well explain about centrifugal pump

 Hello guys hope all are well  Today i want to share some LINKS And photos for know about centrifugal pump  That how they work...  

How a Ship is Berthed Using An Anchor?

 How a Ship is Berthed Using An Anchor? Mariners consider anchoring a ship to be an art. In fact, it’s also a form of science for it involves a sense of pivot, around which, a ship turns and imparts the stalling force to the ship. While berthing a ship alongside a jetty or a pier in tidal or windy conditions, the role of the ship’s anchor is extremely vital. Preferably, a ship must always approach the berth or a jetty stemming the tide (reduce the effect of the tide by cutting it) to ensure better control of the vessel. If the opposite is done when the ship is berthed, i.e. if the ship approaches the berth or jetty with the tide at its stern, the rudder effect is minimized as the tide plays with the stern. To turn the vessel, which is coming up the tidal estuary along with the tide, the anchor is dropped on the side towards which the vessel has to be turned. If the vessel is planned to turn on the starboard wheel, the starboard anchor is dropped. Likewise, if it’s planned to turn on th

All explain about ship ballast tank and ballasting water

 When a ship takes on ballast water it also takes on material contained in the water. In turbid or shallow waters this often includes solid material.  When this material enters the ballast tank it settles to the bottom as 'sediments' and provides a substrate for a variety of marine species, notably dinoflagellates.  According to the BWM Convention, sediments are defined as "Matter settled out of ballast water within a ship". What Ship Owners needs to know? ● Ballast tank sediments management schemes must be included in a ship’s overall Ballast Water Management Plan as per regulation B-5 of the Convention.  ● Sediments management schemes are only applicable when ships are in Party-identified ship repair yards. Treatment or removal of ballast tank sediments is not required during normal ballasting and de-ballasting operations. ● The Convention requires the Member States to identify reception facilities for ballast tank sediments removal/treatment only. These are usually

what is role of gp rating in Mnavy

Today i want to share some important knowledge with seafarers  Gp rating course stater an every 6 months period one in January and one in july GP Rating course stands for General Purpose Rating course. It is a presea training course that even 10th passed students may pursue after schooling! This course will help one in building a career in Merchant Navy. Students who want to have an exciting and adventurous career may go for this course. Financially too, jobs that one will get after completing GP Rating course, are financially rewarding! After completing the GP Rating course, one may work as Deck or Engine crew aboard ships. After 36 months of sea service, one may appear for 2nd Mate Examination and rise to Officer. With further sea service and examinations (oral and/or written), one may rise through the Ranks.  Note :- if you want any enquiry about strategies so click here   Contact us For Admission

Immersion Suit, Anti Exposure Suit, Thermal Protective Aids

 Immersion Suit, Anti Exposure Suit, Thermal Protective Aids An immersion suit is a body covering suit that is worn specifically for the purpose of remaining afloat and surviving during emergencies in high seas. This suit is therefore also known as a survival suit or a rescue suit. In today’s times, an immersion suit is one of the most important necessities on ships and oil rigs, considering the protection needed from the hazards of water. Immersion suits are generally made of neoprene, a type of rubber that is completely waterproof and has an ability to withstand extreme temperatures of water and fire. The immersion suit fits the person’s body without exposing any part to the water. It also has a protective hood to cover the head and comes along with protective gloves. A rescue suit is designed mainly in two colors – red and orange. Both the colors are kept bright (fluorescent) so that the suits can attract the attention of paramedics or rescue aid immediately. The following are the S

Hull of a Ship – Understanding Design and Characteristics

 Hull of a Ship – Understanding Design and Characteristics Bow and Stern: The forward most contour of the ship’s hull is called the bow, and the aft-most, its stern. The stem is the forward most contour part of the bow. Forward Perpendicular: If a perpendicular is drawn at the point where the bow intersects the waterline, this imaginary perpendicular line is called the forward perpendicular. For most of the hydrostatic calculations, the forward perpendicular is used as the forward reference of the hull. Aft Perpendicular: Depending on the designer, the aft perpendicular can be the perpendicular drawn through the aft side of the rudder post or through the center-line of the rudder pintles. The aft perpendicular is the aft reference line for all hydrostatic calculations. Length between Perpendiculars: The length between the forward and aft perpendiculars is the length between perpendiculars. The LBP is a very important parameter in all stability calculations, hence calculation of the LBP

Winches,ship anchore,anchore details for seaman

 Winches Anchor winches are used to heave in and pay out the anchors and anchor chains in a controlled way. The same winch can be used to operate a mooring drum. A clutch is used to connect /disconnect the gypsy wheel or the mooring drum to the main shaft. Anchor winches are normally provided with mooring drums through a separate clutch. The winch turns either the gypsy, or the mooring drums , or both. The main shaft in most cases is horizontal. The winches can be powered by: • electricity: an electric motor rotates a cogwheel. This system reduces the noise. • hydraulic system: the cogwheels are driven by an hydraulic motor, which is connected to a hydraulic pump system located below the deck. The advantage of this system is that there are no risks of electrical sparks and the system is gearless. • Electric-hydraulic: the set of pumps is incorporated in the winch instead of below deck. This means that there is no need for piping systems for the hydraulic oil. • steam Winches with vario

Onboard seaman life saving sign at ship

 Hello seafarers all are safe at home or onboard... Plz stay safe be safe. Today i want to share some photo ( onboard save life sign )


 MOVEMENT OF A SHIP IN A SEAWAY When a ship is at sea the wind, wind waves and swell waves cause its to move. The greater the strength of the wind and the greater the height of the sea and swell waves the more the ship will move. There are six types of motion, three are rotational and three are linear. Roll, pitch and yaw are the three rotational motions and sway, surge and heave are the three linear movements Ship motions (a) rolling and swaying, (b) pitching and surging, (c) yawing and (d) heaving source cargo stowage and securing north of england Contact us for more details :-


                 GARBAGE RECORD BOOK 1. When Garbage discharged into the sea.: • Date and Time of discharge  • Position of ship, lat and long  • Category of Garbage discharged  • Estimated amount discharged for each category in m3  • Signature of officer of the operation  2. When Garbage is discharged to shore or other ship: .    • Date and Time of discharge  • Port facility or name of receiving ship  • Category of Garbage discharged  • Estimated amount discharged for each category in m3  • Signature of officer of the operation  3. When Garbage is incinerated.: • Date and Time of discharge  • Position of ship, lat and long  • Estimated amount discharged for each category in m3  • Signature of officer of the operation  4. Accidental or exceptional discharge of Garbage: • Date and Time of occurrences  • Port or position of the ship at time of occurrence  • Estimated amount discharged for each category in m3

Indian Maritime Industry Has a Fake-Jobs Problem

 Indian Maritime Industry Has a Fake-Jobs Problem. Employment fraud in the country is neither new nor small, but its prospects have never looked brighter. The coronavirus pandemic is in full swing, and India’s caseload is increasing fast. A brutal long lockdowns had hammered businesses, throwing huge numbers of people out of work.  Due to worldwide travel restrictions indian seafarers loosing their ground from last year . Over it fraudulent activities thriving in the shipping industry and its proof can be seen from hundreds of comments posted  on several platforms online and around 300 complaints i have received on my social media platforms. Loosing 4 5 lakhs in this pandemic situation is very painfull for the entire i request all freshers do not pay anyone in  this present situation as entire world is under locdown these roadside agents dnt have anyjobs. Unfortunately shipping authority yet to take solid action against these fraudent culprits. Their are lot to talk about the

We are doing all types of Marine Documentation Services

 Dear Seafarers, Greetings of the...!!! We are doing all types of Marine Documentation Services as follows...!!! 1.) #Training_Related We have booked the DG Shipping approved trainings given below. ***Basic safety training or Direct Seaman Entry ***GP Rating ***CCMC *** STCW 2.) #Documentation_Related Apart from indian documents, we also make flag state documents. #Indian #Panama #Palau #St_kitts #Honduras #Guyana #Liberian #Bahamas #Micronesia (Indos application or corrections//Stcw-2010 Basic & Advance courses//Indian cdc//Indian Watchkeeping//Indian cop//Indian coc//Indian Coc Assisment & Oral Clearance//Value added//Marlins test) 3.) #Assistance_for_Elearning & #Exit_Exam_Related We are conducting E-Learning and Exit examinations of New Dg Circular. 4.) #Sea_Service_Related (Form1//Indian Article) We provide FORM-1 & INDIAN ARTICLE to complete the Sea-Service from RPSL Registered Agencies. 5.) #Tarbook_Related We do the Tarbook filling and uploading for Watchkeeping

NUSI Founder Shri Mohamed Ebrahim Serang Day Celebrations

                   Circular no. 16 of 2020                                               10th May, 2021 Dear Brothers and Sisters, Sub: 9th May- NUSI Founder Shri Mohamed Ebrahim Serang Day Celebrations Theme- “Bhartiya Navikon ki Zidd- Together we fight Covid” NUSI Ventilator Beds &NUSI Oxygen Concentrators for all ranks of seafarers, their families and the maritime fraternity National Union of Seafarers of India (NUSI) is a collective and strong voice of seafarers and their families nationally and internationally. The initiatives of NUSI has gone beyond the purview of a trade union benefitting the seafarers in particular and the shipping industry in general. What NUSI is today is because of the foundation laid by NUSI Founder Shri Mohamed Ebrahim Serang. 9th May every year which is celebrated as NUSI              Founder- Shri Mohamed Ebrahim Serang Day is also a paid holiday for seafarers working on NUSI agreements on board all Indian and foreign flag ships. Today, hundreds of s

What is difference between gross tonnage and net tonnage?

  What is difference between gross tonnage and net tonnage?  👌👇 (G.T) Is a common measurement of the total internal volume of a ship(holds , tanks , stores , E/R ,bridge & accommodation & any close areas (N.T) N.T=GT – deductions for space occupied by crew accommodation , E/R, BRIDGE & TANKSIt represents space available for cargo & passengers Gross tonnage is volume of all enclosed spaces of the ship Net tonnage is volume of all cargo carrying space of ship Lightship or Lightweight measures the actual weight of the ship with no fuel, passengers, cargo, water, etc. on board. Deadweight tonnage (often abbreviated as DWT for deadweight tonnes) is the displacement at any loaded condition minus the lightship weight. It includes the crew, passengers, cargo, fuel, water, and stores. Like Displacement, it is often expressed in long tons or in metric tons.👌

We are doing all types of marine documentation if any queries feel-free contact us

  We are doing all types of marine documentation if any queries feel-free contact us. *1.* PRE- SEA: Sponsorship for Deck Cadet/TME/GP Rating/Saloon Rating from DG approved training centers. *2.* *Basic Courses* and *Advance Courses* with valid dg approved. 👇👇👇 INDOS  *INDIAN* 👉INDOS STCW+STSDSD MEDICAL CDC  👉WKP 👉COP 👉DCE *PANAMA* 👉STCW+STSDSD CDC  👉STCW+STSDSD 👉PSCRB 👉BASIC CDC / RANK CDC WITH PDE/STSDSD/ENDORSEMENT- 👉WATCHKEEPING 👉COP -  👉DCE-  👉COC UPGRADATION  *PALAU* 👉STCW+STSDSD 👉CDC  *St Kitts & Nevis* 👉STCW+STSDSD 👉CDC  *LIBERIAN* 👉STCW+STSDSD-  👉CDC-  👉WATCHKEEPING  👉COE-  *HONDURAS* 👉CDC 👉WATCHKEEPING 👉COC *Marshall ISLAND* 👉COE -  👉CDC-  👉GMDSS-  👉CRA-  *Bahamas* 👉CDC -  👉COE-  👉GMDSS-  Contact Us by :-

Why Seafarers Cannot Sail Without Doing STCW Training Courses?

  Why Seafarers Cannot Sail Without Doing STCW Training Courses? STCW training courses, also known as the Ship training, certification and watch keeping courses are one of the basic necessities for any person to qualify as a mariner. A seafarer must be well trained in STCW courses before it can be deemed safe for him to be out on high waters. Issued by International Maritime Organization, this particular addition was made to the rules governing seafarers and their training for a maritime career in 1978. Since then, STCW training certification is a necessity for seafarers before they can be considered fully qualified to handle risks involved with a career at sea. The reason why seafarers cannot sail without STCW 95 training is the most obvious one- for their own safety. Considering the minimal level of risks involved in a maritime career, it is important that every seafarer is trained properly in each possible aspect of maritime training that could help him face the troubles out on seas

Based on marine diesel engine for chief engineer or 2nd engineers

 My name is akash sharma working on a tanker and container ship today i want to share my some knowledge with all underworld seaman.  The 4 simple starting motors Diesel engines have as many different types of starting system as possible and these types are of sizes. The starters are commonly on these form, air starting motors, electric starting motors, hydraulic starting motors and manual starting motors. However, the system can be a simple manual start pushbutton or a complex auto-start circuit. But in most cases the following events must occur for the starting engine to start. 1. The start signal is sent to start motor. The air, electric or hydraulic motor, will be engage the engine flywheel. 2. The starting motors will crank the engine. The starting motors will spin the engine at a high rpm to allow the engine's compression to ignite the fuel and start the engine. 3. The engine will then accelerate to idle speed. When the start motor is overdriven by the running motor, it will d

Second Mate's Perspective,important notice for deck

  Second Mate's Perspective The ultimate guide to prepare and revice your knowledge before Second Mate Qualification exams. This blog will provide you with all the informations and knowledge that you need to understand before appearing for your Second Mate qualification exams. It is so simple language that anyone can clear his concepts while preparing. I have tried to answer all the doubts when a person willing to study. If you have any specific doubts regarding topics, please comment. Good luck 07/05/2021 Ship Construction( PART 1 )                         Ship Construction  Part 1 1) Length between Perpendiculars (LBP ) The length between the forward and aft perpendiculars measured along the summer loadline. 2) Length Overall (LOA ) The distance from the extreme fore part of the ship to a similar point aft and is the greatest length of the ship. 3) Aft Perpendicular  Perpendicular drawn to the waterline at a point where the aft side of the rudder post meets the summer load line .

Garbage knowledge for fresher seaman

   Hello seafarers how all are you gentlemen  Today i want to share my some opinion with all seama. Underway using the enging or during sailing we some time through the garbage at sea without know that how many year that garbage'll decomposed So now i am going to share some photos and plz keep in mind then dont overboard the garbage if u have any type of garbage onboard so wait until next check'in port then u can through your garbage in the port dustbin.  

Urgent news for seafarers during covid-19

  Hello seafarers its very urgent news for seaman Plz keep it updated 

Seaman required documents for ship

 Hello seamans  Hope all are well,           I am a seaman working at Diesel Tanker and Container ships.  In this line so many frod person they are creating too many problems for freshers seaman. So i want to tell them we are provided to seaman these following document:-  1. Indos no.  2. Stcw 3. Ship security course  4. Tanker familization course like     Octco/tasco etc.  5. DCE for chemical and gas tanker 6. Indian w/k 7. Indian cop 8. Indos correction 9. Back Date Rpsl and article upload  10. GMDSS 11. Gp rating 12. Indian cdc or valuable document  13. Chief cook COC ( indian)        We assist to Panama document also 1. Panama stcw 2. Panama w/k 3. Panama DCE or OCTCO 4. Hondrous coc for all officer rank.  Contact us. 11

stcw for freshers

  BASIC STCW SAFETY TRAINING COURSE Course Details Course Level Post Sea Course Course Type BASIC STCW 2010 COURSE Duration 12 Days Eligibility + This course is mandatory for all seafarers serving on board sea-going ships. + All trainees must be certified by a DGS approved doctor, to be in good health. INDoS Number is Mandatory Contact us :-

Stcw for seafarers

  STCW India Akash sharma > STCW India Get Indian STCW 2010 Course and Indian CDC online without going to Institute. You will get online classes from home only in this Pandemic situation due to COVID-19. Learn safe and Stay safe. INDIAN STCW Course: This STCW’ 2010 Basic Familiarization Course is mandatory for the issuance of C.D.C. Basic Safety Training (BST) Course including of 5 Courses: Duration: 14 Days   Personal Survival Techniques (P.S.T)   Personal Safety & Social Responsibilities (P.S.S.R)   Elementary First Aid (E.F.A)   Fire Prevention & Fire Fighting (F.P.F.F)   Security Training For Seafarers With Designated Security Duties(S.T.S.D.S.D)   Indian National Database Of Seafarers(INDOS) INDIAN STCW COURSE FEES: Fees for Five Basic STCW Courses is 30,000 INR only. Fees for Complete Package of INDOS Number + STCW 2010 Course + Medical + Indian CDC is 30,000 INR only. Mail id :-