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All explain about ship ballast tank and ballasting water

 When a ship takes on ballast water it also takes on material contained in the water. In turbid or shallow waters this often includes solid material. 

When this material enters the ballast tank it settles to the bottom as 'sediments' and provides a substrate for a variety of marine species, notably dinoflagellates. 

According to the BWM Convention, sediments are defined as "Matter settled out of ballast water within a ship".

What Ship Owners needs to know?

● Ballast tank sediments management schemes must be included in a ship’s overall Ballast Water Management Plan as per regulation B-5 of the Convention. 

● Sediments management schemes are only applicable when ships are in Party-identified ship repair yards. Treatment or removal of ballast tank sediments is not required during normal ballasting and de-ballasting operations.

● The Convention requires the Member States to identify reception facilities for ballast tank sediments removal/treatment only. These are usually located in shipyards that provide ballast tank cleaning services.


The Convention does not require the Member States to create reception facilities for ballast water.

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