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Based on marine diesel engine for chief engineer or 2nd engineers

 My name is akash sharma working on a tanker and container ship today i want to share my some knowledge with all underworld seaman. 

The 4 simple starting motors

Diesel engines have as many different types of starting system as possible and these types are of sizes. The starters are commonly on these form, air starting motors, electric starting motors, hydraulic starting motors and manual starting motors. However, the system can be a simple manual start pushbutton or a complex auto-start circuit. But in most cases the following events must occur for the starting engine to start.

1. The start signal is sent to start motor. The air, electric or hydraulic motor, will be engage the engine flywheel.

2. The starting motors will crank the engine. The starting motors will spin the engine at a high rpm to allow the engine's compression to ignite the fuel and start the engine.

3. The engine will then accelerate to idle speed. When the start motor is overdriven by the running motor, it will disengage the flywheel.

Since a diesel engines relies on compression heat to ignite the fuel, a cold engine can rob engine heat from the gases that the compressed air falls below the ignition temperature of the fuel. To overcome this condition, some engines ''note small to medium sized engines" have glow plugs. The glow plugs are located in the cylinder head of the combustion chamber and use electricity to heat to heat up the electrode at the top of glow plug. The heat added by the glow plug is enough to assist ignite the fuel in the cold engine. Once the engine is running, the glow plugs are disconnected and the heat of combustion is sufficient to heat the block and keep the engine running.


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