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NUSI Founder Shri Mohamed Ebrahim Serang Day Celebrations

                   Circular no. 16 of 2020                                               10th May, 2021

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Sub: 9th May- NUSI Founder Shri Mohamed Ebrahim Serang Day Celebrations

Theme- “Bhartiya Navikon ki Zidd- Together we fight Covid”

NUSI Ventilator Beds &NUSI Oxygen Concentrators for all ranks of seafarers, their families and the maritime fraternity

National Union of Seafarers of India (NUSI) is a collective and strong voice of seafarers and their families nationally and internationally. The initiatives of NUSI has gone beyond the purview of a trade union benefitting the seafarers in particular and the shipping industry in general. What NUSI is today is because of the foundation laid by NUSI Founder Shri Mohamed Ebrahim Serang. 9th May every year which is celebrated as NUSI              Founder- Shri Mohamed Ebrahim Serang Day is also a paid holiday for seafarers working on NUSI agreements on board all Indian and foreign flag ships.

Today, hundreds of seafarers, their families and representatives from the shipping fraternity joined the celebrations conducted virtually through social media to pay tributes to NUSI Founder - Shri Mohamed Ebrahim Serang. The theme for this year’s celebration was “Bhartiya Navikon ki Zidd- Together we fight Covid”.


NUSI President, Capt. N.A Hiranandani presided over the programme.  The industry was represented by Adv. S.K. Shetye, Veteran Trade Union Leader - Guest of Honour, Shri Kumar Sanjay Bariar, Addl. Director General of Shipping - Guest of Honour, Shri Stephen Cotton, General Secretary, ITF - London - Guest of Honour, Shri Amar Singh Thakur, General Secretary – MUI, Shri Anil Devli, CEO – INSA, Capt. Rakesh Singh, Hon. Secretary – ICCSA, Capt. M.P. Bhasin, Chair – MASSA, Capt. Sankalp Shukla, Chair – FOSMA, Shri Jose Raul Lamug, Regional Secretary, ITF Asia Pacific- Singapore, Shri Sangam Tripathy, Asst. Regional Secretary, ITF Asia Pacific region. Shri Abdulgani Y. Serang, NUSI General Secretary-cum-Treasurer moderated the programme.

The interactive programme commemorated the sacrifices and contributions of NUSI Founder - Shri Mohamed Ebrahim Serang and the NUSI leadership over the years.  The various proactive measures are taken by the Maritime Administration and stakeholders with respect to Covid was also discussed at length.

The panelists collectively also emphasized that the Maritime Administration has facilitated Covid vaccination at few Indian ports.  But the seafarers should also try to get themselves vaccinated on priority through whatever available channels and be ready for employment.  The industry efforts to get the seafarers vaccinated is going on under a very challenging    2nd wave of Covid.

On the occasion of the Founders Day and as a part of its welfare initiatives, NUSI announced a supply of minimum 10 NUSI Ventilator Beds & 100 NUSI Oxygen Concentrators pan- India to support all ranks of seafarers their family and maritime fraternity fight Covid.

The video of today’s 9th May Founder- Shri Mohamed Ebrahim Serang Day can be viewed on 

NUSI Facebook page - 


Youtube Channel

Long Live NUSI              Seafarers Unity Zindabad

With warm regards,

(Abdulgani Y. Serang)

General Secretary -cum-Treasurer

Executive Board Member - ITF        

Vice Chair, ITF Seafarers Section – Asia Pacific Region

Vice Chair, ITF Asia Pacific Region 

JAI HIND                          JAI NAVIK  JAI NUSI


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