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Information about all ranks in merchant navy

  Beginner's guide to merchant navy ranks/Information about all ranks  :- Any industry requires a progression among the staff to keep a smooth coordination of tasks and advance legitimate administration techniques. The equivalent goes for the Merchant Navy. The terminology of trader naval force positioning framework is worldwide acknowledged by delivery organizations and business vessels all throughout the planet. Be that as it may, there can be minor changes in names and obligations doled out to explicit positions relying upon the country to which the boat has a place. (Note:- contact us for marine documents work by :- As a rule, the positioning framework on trader vessels is principally separated into the accompanying classes: 1. Deck Department 2.  Engine Department 3.  Catering Department The extension of a boat is the route center point fitted with cutting edge hardware frameworks for the protected route of the boat. Henceforth, it is needed to b

Basic(stcw) course for seaman and watchkeeping

STCW for seafarers or seaman Hello friends, I am Akash Sharma once again I have brought information related to merchant navy. Today's information is related to the Merchant Navy document. Before this information, I had told about how to join merchant navy.  which i put in part 01 Today's information comes under  Part 02   Note :- CLICK HERE to read PART 01  Today I am going to tell  about what documents a seaman needs before joining the merchant navy. Sailors joining on 10th basis :- To join merchant navy after 10th, we have to do STCW course.  Let's know about stcw and APPLY NOW , what is it: Stcw is a course which is very important for a sailor  In this course, the shipman (man working on a merchant navy ship) is taught by the institute the general and necessary information for the management of the ship and the sailors. [ note :- anybody want to get course,cdc,watchkeeping contact us ] But before starting the course, A INDOS no ( indian national database of seafarers)

what is gas and oil tankers

 What Is a Tanker Ship? And How does a tanker ship work?  June 21, 2021 Perhaps the main typologies of boats that have improved our every day lives and items is the tanker transport.  Big haulers ship represents part of perhaps the main innovation advancement that man has at any point made. The proceeding with advancement and improvement for these boats have created ships that can convey various sorts of mass fluid cargoes.  [ Note:- we provide to seaman all type marine TANKER documeants and APPLY HERE] These days, big hauler ships are the fundamental marine answerable for conveying fluid cargoes, and they do it's anything but a mind boggling amount of oil every year.  What is a taker transport? Albeit a few definitions can be credited to the big haulers sends, the USCG (United States Coast Guard) characterizes a tank vessel as a vessel developed or adjusted fundamentally to convey, or that conveys, oil or unsafe material in mass freight or load buildups.  Then, at that point makin

How to join merchant navy or ways of join to merchant navy

Part 01 How to join merchant navy and ways of join to merchant navy  Contact us and join merchant navy  Note :- contact ours team for merchant navy joining and all type document   Today I am going to talk with you guys on a very important topic. And this topic is going to be on Merchant Navy, first of all we know what is Merchant Navy, there is a big difference between Merchant Navy and Indian Navy. Merchant Navy is a private trading sector.  In this, cargo and all kinds of goods are sent by sea. Some people consider Merchant Navy and Indian Navy to be the same, while there is a difference between the two. The goods that are sent from here to there all over the world are sent from Merchant Navy only.     Apply for merchant navy Or get some important documents for merchant navy  Introduction:- Type of ship in merchant navy 1. Gas tankers 2. LPG tankers 3. Oil tankers 4. RO-RO vessel 5. General cargo  6. Container vessel  7. Bulk carrier etc...                 APPLY HERE  *Caarier is thi

A wonderful way to join to merchant navy

  We provide job to freshers seaman and guidelines about merchant navy  Join merchant navy The starting salary of a merchant navy Provide Starting Salary: Rs. - 350$ TO 550$ P/M (UNITED STATE OF AMERICA DOLLAR) Convert to Indian Money 17,500 to 27,500 p/m AS Trainee (os) and after Certification as Officer, Star.........ting Salary 3000$ TO 7000$ P/M       Join merchant navy The starting salary of a merchant navy Provide Starting Salary: Rs. - 350$ TO 550$ P/M You can contact us by {For applying now or enquiry CLICK HERE to talk our team} (AMERICAN DOLLAR) Post Promotion System as For Work Experience Starting Monthly,     Salary: – 350$ to 550$ p/m as a Ordinary Seaman (OS) Convert to Indian Money 17,500 to 27,500 p/m Second Sailing: – (AB) salary increment 3 months to 1 year after promotion it will come around 800$ to 1000$ p/m) Convert to Indian Money 40,000 to 50,000 p/m After 36 months of Experiences they can apply for 3th mate ex, and become 3th officer