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Basic(stcw) course for seaman and watchkeeping

STCW for seafarers or seaman

Hello friends, I am Akash Sharma once again I have brought information related to merchant navy.

Today's information is related to the Merchant Navy document.

Before this information, I had told about how to join merchant navy.  which i put in part 01

Today's information comes under Part 02

 Note:- CLICK HERE to read PART 01

 Today I am going to tell  about what documents a seaman needs before joining the merchant navy.

Sailors joining on 10th basis :-

To join merchant navy after 10th, we have to do STCW course.

 Let's know about stcw and APPLY NOW, what is it:

Stcw is a course which is very important for a sailor

 In this course, the shipman (man working on a merchant navy ship) is taught by the institute the general and necessary information for the management of the ship and the sailors.

[note:- anybody want to get course,cdc,watchkeeping contact us]

But before starting the course,

A INDOS no ( indian national database of seafarers) is applied by institute, inside it the data of seaman is stored online by DG SHIPPING( directorate general of shipping) and MMD.

There are five certificates under the STCW course,

 Let us know which certificate is this

 1. PST (personal survival techniques)

 2. EFA ( elementary first aid)

 3. PSSR (personal safety and social responsibility)

 4. FRFF ( fire prevention and fire fighting )

 5. STSDSD ( security training for seafarers with designated security duties)

After doing all this courses, DG SHIPPING gives a book to the seaman which is called INDIAN CDC (continue discharge certificate).

 Even after doing the course, if you did not get this CDC, you are not fully capable of becoming a sailor.

Apply for any documents plz click on this photo

 Before getting CDC made a medical test Appendix iv and v, this test is also done by


 :- STCW's course duration is 12-14 days

Apart from this, we can also do GP rating course, which has a duration of 6 months, which starts every 6 months.

Its batch starts only twice in a year.

             -: PROMOTION PROCESS :-

         After doing the above mentioned process, we join the ship as Wiper, OS, or let's say fresher.

PROMOTION detail :-

If you go to the ship according to the process mentioned above, then you can take promotion in two ways.

Come let's know what are those two ways

1. Get promotion by doing stcw course

    If you go to ship after doing stcw course then you have to work on ship for at least 15 months as wiper, os or fresher

( wiper :- engine department side

os :- deck department side)

After 15 months of work, as you sign off (come home by ship) after coming, you have to apply for a certificate which is called watch keeping.

(note:- you can get panama watch keeping) 

You can also apply this watch keeping through a good agent.

After taking this watch keeping you get promoted for AB rank

 promotion based on gp rating course

2. If you want to get promotion by working on the ship by gp rating, then the same process is there for this too.


Apply now for watchkeeping

But after doing this course, you have to work only for 6 months to take watch keeping and you can take watch keeping.


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