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GP RATING (general purpose rating) Course

6 months’ pre-sea course for General Purpose Rating GP Rating Course GP Rating implies General reason Rating. GP Rating up-and-comers are the individuals who have been prepared in both Deck and Engine Room assignments. Such evaluations might be utilized either in deck division or Engine office as indicated by the requirements of the organization. They perform assignments identified with Seamanship, Cargo taking care of, Maintenance work at hand, Operation and support of Machinery. This Course guaranteed higher employability of the Indian sailors in world market.  ( Contact us for Marine document work and click here for applying)  GP Rating is a six months private course supported by D.G Shipping (Govt of India). GP Rating prospectus incorporates joined investigation of Deck and Engineering subjects. This course will cover all parts of the marine calling (Deck and Engine), which likewise incorporate swimming, actual drills, studio preparing, rope and pole climbing, lifesaving apparatus

Tanker Familiarization Course ( OCTCO/TASCO)

OCTCO or TASCO What is this and why is it necessary for a seaman OCTCO or TASCO are both marine courses, This course is very important for a seaman working on a tankers ship. In this course you are taught how to avoid accidents. After doing this course, a certificate is obtained which is called DCE (Danger cargo endocement). Full form of OCTCO, TASCO or DCE :- OCTCO :- basic training of oil and chemical tanker cargo operations  TASCO :- tactical automatic switch control officer  DCE :- danger cargo endrocement Although all seaman can do this course but it is very important for seaman working on tankers to do this course. BEFORE,  doing all these courses, you had to have a sailing experience. But now if you are a fresher and are preparing to go on ship for the first time, you can still do this course. Some important things to do for 1. OCTCO or 2. TASCO course, please attention :-  1.  OCTCO   DESCRIPTION   This course gives preparing to every junior  official, evaluations, cadets an


Indian cdc and what is it ! Hey guys hope all are very well  This is AKASH SHARMA, should we discuss about Indian cdc What is Indian cdc and what is its value in shipping line, only a seaman can understand this. Do as many courses as you want, till you don't have cdc, you are half and incomplete seaman. To apply cdc you will need to do proper course only after that you can apply cdc First of all it should be known that what is cdc CDC APPLY NOW/HERE Let us know what is cdc - cdc ( continue discharge certificate) different cdc of different country Like INDIAN CDC, PANAMA CDC BELIZ CDC SAMAO CDC and many more It is very important for a seaman to have When seaman goes to ship there are some important things which are updated on cdc Update on cdc for example :-  ship's stamp seaman's sign on date seaman's sign off date seaman's total ship time and ship's captain's coc number and captain's stamp  After all these updates on the cdc we can easily guess that th


If you want to get indian/panama watchkeeping so please read it carefully  #First of all we will know what is watchkeeping....:- ~ There are two ways to get watchkeeping Note :- watchkeeping and cop APPLY NOW/HERE :- By Doing STCW course  In this we get watchkeeping after working continuously for 15 months. :- By Doing GP-RATING course  In this we get watchkeeping by working only 6 months :-  Candidates of two different departments can take watchkeeping :- 1.  Part of navigational watch(DECK - ll/4) 2.   Part of engine watch(ENGINE - lll/4) 1. Part of navigational watch ~ In this, the os or deck cadet is given watchkeeping after working for six/fifteen months. In which it is shown that you are a good watchkeeper and you have to do the duty properly. 2.  Part of engine watch~ In this, the wiper or engine cadet is given watchkeeping after working for six/fifteen months. In which it is shown that you are a good watchkeeper and you have to do the duty properly. :- Panama Watch Keeping  T