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GP RATING (general purpose rating) Course

6 months’ pre-sea course for General Purpose Rating

GP Rating Course

GP Rating implies General reason Rating. GP Rating up-and-comers are the individuals who have been prepared in both Deck and Engine Room assignments. Such evaluations might be utilized either in deck division or Engine office as indicated by the requirements of the organization. They perform assignments identified with Seamanship, Cargo taking care of, Maintenance work at hand, Operation and support of Machinery. This Course guaranteed higher employability of the Indian sailors in world market. 

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GP Rating is a six months private course supported by D.G Shipping (Govt of India). GP Rating prospectus incorporates joined investigation of Deck and Engineering subjects. This course will cover all parts of the marine calling (Deck and Engine), which likewise incorporate swimming, actual drills, studio preparing, rope and pole climbing, lifesaving apparatuses utilization, putting out fires activities and boat visits and so forth After the preparation, outside assessments is led by Board of Examination of Seafarers (BES) under D.G Shipping (Govt of India). 

Understudies who effectively breeze through the assessment (BES) are issued INDIAN CDC and are qualified for transport occupations all throughout the planet. The understudies can join transport as trainee OS (Ordinary Seaman)/student fitter/learner oiler/student motor room cadet (for Diploma holders). The G.P.Rating up-and-comer will actually want to work in all seamanship exercises on-board at deck side and just as at Engine side. With additional Sea-administration, they will be advanced as, Able-Bodied Seamen/Engine Fitter, Bosun, and so forth 

They can likewise be elevated to official Level with certain ocean administration (three years) and capability necessities. There are wide open positions for Indian Seamen from one side of the planet to the other. 

( today we are talking about marine courses GP RATING and if u want to know about basic safety training courses STCW then CLICK HERE/NOW ) 

Those applicants who need to seek after vocation in Merchant Navy as soon as passing 10thStandard can join GP Rating course Or NCV Deck cadet Course. These courses assist the competitors with pursueing vocation in Merchant Navy and help in monetary development following a half year of Pre-ocean preparing. 

There is no Common Entrance Test for GP Rating. Yet, a few establishments lead their own test to choose the applicants.


Instructive capabilities: 

Least instructive capability is a pass in the S.S.C/tenth or its identical test from any perceived board. Total/in general rate should not be under 40% and in ENGLISH subject least required is 40% either in tenth/twelfth tests. 

Age limit: 

Greatest age limit is 25 years at the hour of initiation obviously. 

Least Height-157 cms, Weight-48 kgs. 

Ought to be in great shape for ocean and should fulfill the clinical guidelines laid by the Director General of transportation. 


Utilization of remedial focal points for vision is allowed yet the most extreme passable cutoff points, at section, are 6/12 in each eye or 6/9 in better eye and 6/18 in other eye for far off independent vision. Visual weakness isn't allowed. 

Method of choice: 

Composed/Interview/Medical assessment. 

Course Duration :

GP rating course is a 6 months private course.

GP Rating Salary: 

In preparing period as an Ordinary sailor gets 300-350$(Rs 21000-25000), after  9 months of ocean service  as an Ordinary sailor up-and-comer gets Watch keeping declaration then up-and-comer gets advanced as Able bodied seaman(AB) salary  600-700$ .Further experience makes him Bosun  Salary(1000-1100$)and additionally official (3000-3500$) if up-and-comer has required capabilities. 

Note: Candidates burning of joining the course should apply for a visa promptly, in the event that they don't as of now have an identification, as it is a prerequisite while applying for C.D.C. 

Archives needed at the hour of accommodation of Application structure 

Tenth Standard or higher passed endorsement, showing Science, Mathematics and English as subjects.Mark-sheet for the above.Birth Certificate.School leaving Certificate.Any different authentications granted for extracurricular exercises like games, dramatization, and so forth 

The competitors ought to submit finished application structure to our MUMBAI office address with the accompanying reports: 

2 – Attested duplicates of tenth/S.S.C. /higher Passing Certificate.2 – Attested duplicates of tenth/S.S.C. /better grade sheet.2 – Attested duplicates of School leaving Certificate.2 – Recent shading photos. (Size: 40 mm X 30 mm).2 – Attested duplicates Passport or be applied well ahead of time before the beginning of the course.Any different Certificates of higher educations.All the duplicates ought to be bore witness to by School/College Principal as it were.


The Pre-Sea Training Course Syllabus is designed to give the Ratings :

* A basic grounding in the ship’s routine, it’s operation, legislation and their related duties.

* A good foundation in the principles of Safety, Accident Prevention, Pollution at Sea, Fire Fighting and First Aid.

* An idea of the theory and practice of a ship’s compass and hints on steering.

* Basic Engineering knowledge, maintenance and safe working practices.

* Knowledge regarding tools, equipment & instruments commonly found on board ships

* A practical knowledge of handling of Ropes, Blocks, Tackles, & Rigging.

* Practical training in handling a lifeboat and starting its diesel engine.

* Practical workshop training in Carpentry, Plumbing, Machine shop, Electrical, and Diesel Maintenance Shop & Hot work.

All Ratings are required to complete the following mandatory courses during the training period :

~ Personal Survival Techniques, (PST)

~ Fire Prevention & Fire Fighting, (FPFF)

~ Proficiency in Elementary First Aid, (EFA)

~ Personal Safety and Social Responsibilities. (PSSR)

~ Oil Tanker Familiarisation (OTFC)

~ Security Training for Seafarers with designated security duties

All Instructions are imparted in the English language.

Physical training, parade and sports are part of the curriculum and are mandatory.


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