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what is medical test for merchant navy,guidelines or test types ?

Having the right grades and the enthusiasm to have a daily existence at the ocean won't get you a profession in the shipper naval force. To join a vendor naval force course, you should have the actual wellness and clinical prerequisites that are important to have a profession on ships.  The competitor should be in acceptable mental and actual wellbeing and liberated from any sort of substantial deformity to meddle with the productive presentation needed at the ocean. Peruse on to see whether you are in great shape to join the vendor naval force. 1. CONSTITUTION There ought to be no proof of feeble constitution via defective improvement of muscles or genuine distortion. Weight under 42 kg and stature under 150 cm will be dismissed. The chest ought to be very much evolved with a base scope of development of 5 cm.  For female candidates, the tallness and weight might be decreased by 5 cm (2") and 3 kg separately. Weight to be proportionate to tallness and age.   2. Skeletal Syste

STCW Convention Explained – History and Overview

 What is STCW and its motivation?  STCW confirmation was made to advance security of life and property adrift and to ensure the marine climate. It builds up globally acknowledged guidelines of preparing and confirmation of sailors, guaranteeing that team are qualified and fit for obligations adrift. STCW Convention Explained – History and Overview  What does STCW Convention truly rely on?  STCW Convention represents Standards of Training, Certification, and Watchkeeping. The justification for them is, in addition to other things, to keep you, a sailor, safe while adrift.  The norms were first taken on in 1978; to come into power they must be approved by 25 countries, with the condition that these countries had basically 25% of the gross world weight of boats 100 gross tons or more. The norms became effective in April 1984 when the condition was met. Changes were made in 1995 that came into power in February 1997. Further revisions were embraced in 2010 and came into power in January 2

What is Honduras COC? Honduras flag documents

What is Honduras COC?  Honduras COC is IMO white banner and reports are given in english language and as per IMO, STCW regulationes. To continue with assessment and endorsement for issuance of Honduras COC we need to get examine - duplicates of the accompanying required records by email.  Honduras, which implies Depth in Spanish, covers 4 Central America nations (El Salvador, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, and Guatemala). Sailors who have worked and acquired insight while chipping away at other banner enrolled vessels is very much aware that dealing with Honduras banner and holding Honduras COC is the most ideal choice for their oceanic profession.  Honduras, who holds high position in the International Maritime Organization (IMO), has 10% of the general vessel enrolled under its banner. Being the most liberal, open vault on the planet, Honduras COC is important and fundamental for sailors' sea vocation. Honduras has been viewed as the most presumed banner and furthermore acknowledged gene