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what is medical test for merchant navy,guidelines or test types ?

Having the right grades and the enthusiasm to have a daily existence at the ocean won't get you a profession in the shipper naval force. To join a vendor naval force course, you should have the actual wellness and clinical prerequisites that are important to have a profession on ships. 

The competitor should be in acceptable mental and actual wellbeing and liberated from any sort of substantial deformity to meddle with the productive presentation needed at the ocean. Peruse on to see whether you are in great shape to join the vendor naval force.


There ought to be no proof of feeble constitution via defective improvement of muscles or genuine distortion. Weight under 42 kg and stature under 150 cm will be dismissed. The chest ought to be very much evolved with a base scope of development of 5 cm. 

For female candidates, the tallness and weight might be decreased by 5 cm (2") and 3 kg separately. Weight to be proportionate to tallness and age.

 2. Skeletal System

There ought to be no sickness or weakness of elements of bones or joints, contracture or of disfigurement of chest or any joint, unusual shape of spine, distortion of feet like pigeon-toes, thump knees, level feet, deformation of upper appendages, mutation of the head, distortion from breaks or sorrow of the skull, deformation or lopsided bowing of the spinal segment, cracks (recuperated) with a pin inside will be an exclusion.

3. Ear, nose and throat 

There ought to be no weakened hearing, release or sickness in one or the other ear, unhealed hole of the tympanic layer or indications of intense or ongoing suppurative otitis media or proof of extremist mastoid activity, proof of illness of the bones and ligament of the nose, nasal polypus or infection of nasopharynx or adornment sinuses. Misfortune or rot of teeth so much as to meddle with proficient rumination. No illness of the throat, sense of taste, tonsils or gums or any sickness or injury influencing the ordinary capacity of either temporomandibular joint. People with serious pyorrhoea are to be dismissed.

The independent normal edge basically 30db in the better ear and a normal of 40db in the other inside the frequencies 500, 1000, 2000 and 3000 Hz and a murmur from a distance of at least 5 meters can be heard.

4. speech

There ought to be no obstacle of discourse (for example stammering) 

5. Lymphatic System 

There ought to be no extended organs, tubercular or because of different illnesses in the neck or different pieces of the body. Thyroid organ ought to be ordinary. 

6. Cardiovascular System 

There ought to be no indication of practical or valvular or different illnesses of the heart and veins. An electrocardiogram ought to be inside ordinary cutoff points. Systolic circulatory strain ought not surpass 150mm of Hg nor Diastolic over 90 mm of Hg.

7. Respiratory System 

There ought to be no proof of ongoing or respiratory parcel illness, pneumonic tuberculosis or past history of this sickness or any constant infection of the lungs. X-beam of the chest ought to be ordinary. 

The resting respiratory rate ought to be under 20 every moment and the holding time ought not be under 30 seconds.

8. Stomach related System 

There ought to be no proof of any illness of the stomach related framework and that liver and spleen ought not be discernible and there ought to be no stomach delicacy on palpation. 

9. Genitourinary System 

There ought to be no discernible and developed kidneys. There ought not be any illness of kidneys. Cases showing albuminuria, glycosuria or blood (RBC) in pee will be dismissed. There ought to be no hernia or propensity thereto. The people who have been worked for a hernia might be announced fit gave: 

(a) One year has slipped by after the activity. Narrative evidence to be delivered by the up-and-comer. 

(b) General tone of stomach muscles ought to be acceptable and

(c) There has been no repeat of a hernia or inconveniences with the activity. There ought to be no hydrocele, varicocele, spermatocele or some other imperfection of genital organs, no fistula or potentially butt-centric gap or proof of hemorrhoids (Piles), rectal polyps. There ought to be no dynamic dormant or innate venereal sicknesses, undescended intraabdominal gonad on one side unassociated with a hernia, given the other gonad is ordinary and that there is no physical or mental impact because of undescended gonad will be acknowledged. An undescended gonad is held in the inguinal channel or at the additional stomach ring will be dismissed. 

10. Skin 

There ought to be no skin sickness except if transitory or insignificant. Scars which by their degree or position are probably going to cause inability or checked deformation are a reason for dismissal. 

11. Sensory system 

There ought to be no set of experiences or proof of mental sickness of the up-and-comer or in his family. Competitors having a past filled with fits incontinence or pee or enuresis won't be acknowledged. Mental or apprehensive peevishness, irregularity of stride, inadequate elements of cranial nerves, incoordination, engine or tactile defaults will be dismissed.

12. Visual perception 

There ought not be any level of squint or any dreary state of eyes or of the eyelids that is responsible to exasperate or repeat, the strain of trachoma and iris difficulty sequela. Up-and-comers should have great binocular vision (combination staff and a full field of vision in the two eyes). Development of the eyeballs should be full every which way and the understudies ought to respond regularly to light and convenience. 

Beneath referenced vision principles should be met by the candidate: 

Deck Department: Vision ought to be 6/6 in better eye and 6/9 in the other eye; 

Motor and Electrical Department: Vision ought to be 6/12 in each eye or 6/9 in better eye and 6/18 in the other eye; 

The vision ought to be 6/6 (ordinary) in each eye independently. Faulty shading vision tried by Ishihara Color Blindness Test is an exclusion. 

13. Whatever other deformity which according to the clinical board will meddle with the singular's effectiveness as an official of the vendor naval force.

14. Oral Health 

The acknowledgment or dismissal because of misfortune or rot of teeth relies on the general situation of the sound teeth; an adequate number of teeth should be available for productive rumination.

15. Musculoskeletal System 

There ought to be no deformity of the musculoskeletal framework that could meddle with the release of their obligations (solid force, equilibrium, versatility, and coordination ought to be healthy). Appendage prosthesis would not be adequate. 

Required Clinical Test: 

Other than actual perception, different quantities of Clinical Tests are completed to ensure that every one of the Standards are met.

1.Complete Blood Count (Hb, TWBC, ESR);.

2.Routine Urine(Albumin, sugar and microscopic);

3.Blood Sugar;


5.Vision Test (Distant, Near, Colour);

6.X-ray of Chest; 

7.Electrocardiogram (ECG).

Extra Medical Examination for Seafarers locally available Tankers: Seafarers on board a Tanker occupied with the carriage of cancer-causing cargoes in particular Benzene, Butane, Diesel oil for marine motors will go through a clinical assessment that might incorporate blood and liver capacity tests including blood count assessment.



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